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[WD216AN] Hot & Ambient Water Temperature Model, Now With Self-Maintainance Feature.


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LG Puricare’s Self-Service Water Purifier is designed to eliminate the process of a technician throughout the maintenance process.

It is a revolutionary invention to Save maintenance costs, increase efficiency, and Save more time!

[WD516AN] The latest Self-Service Water Purifier is a COLD—HOT—AMBIENT Model.

Now come in 3 colours — Navy Blue, Silver & White.

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Up to 36months 0% Instalment

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Comes with a 10 years LG inverter warranty

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Reasons to choose LG Tankless Water Purifier

[WD516AN] includes Hot, Cold and Room temperature


LG Puricare’s [Self Service] is a new technology invented by LG.

  • The build in A.I. automated cleaning function will automatically clean the product
  • Hence, no servicing technician throughout the use.
  • FULL Stainless Steel Piping – Inlet & Outlet
  • 24 Hours UV Sterilization – Sterilize every Hour, Ensure Virus and Bacterial no chance to survive
  • Voice Guidance – Let you know what’s going on
  • New ALL Puri 4 Stages Filters – 99.99% Remove NoroVirus + Block Out 9 Danger Heavy metal – Let you enjoy Purity in every drops
  • Self-Servicing Function – Auto Service once every week, keep you water Clean and Safe
  • LG ThinQ Monitoring – Your X-Ray to see inside the Machine
  • Filter – Remove 9 heavy metals & Norovirus

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  • Tankless – Instant Hot, Cold & Unlimited Ambient water supply – No tank = No Re-boil and overnight stagnant water
  • Tankless Sleek Design, Space efficient, Fits in countertop elegantly
  • Hot Water Control – 40° / 75°/ 85° (Best for New Parents)
  • Nano UV sterilization [Eliminates up to 99.99% of Harmful Bacteria]
  • Water Volume Control – 120 / 250 / 500 / 1000ml
  • Energy Saving with – LG Inverter (lowest electricity consumption)
  • 180° Rotatable nozzle
  • 10-Years inverter warranty
  • Strictly Halal Certified by the Government of Malaysia

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After Sales Service maintenance cost – CareShip

Filter Change Frequency

6 months once, 2 times of delivery annually.


  • 1 year – RM320
  • 2 years – RM600
  • 3 years – RM870
  • 4 years – RM1120
  • 5 years – RM1360


  • 1 year – RM280
  • 2 years – RM520
  • 3 years – RM760
  • 4 years – RM980
  • 5 years – RM1190

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LG Self-Service Water Purifier is the one that has both Aesthetics and Smart Technology

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LG PuriCare™ Ambassador

Malaysia National Badminton Player, Lee Zii Jia

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