Air Filters

Simply beautiful on the outside, packed with state-of-the-art innovation on the inside, LG air Filter feature sleek, advanced designs for powerful filtration and natural humidification—so you can breathe easier.
Take in a breath of fresh air with stylish, smart, state-of-the-art air filter from LG. Ultra quiet, yet offering powerful filtration that reduces the harmful substances in the air, these innovative filter leave your home feeling fresh and clean, while potent sterilization removes floating viruses and germs in the air.
Smart lighting. Four different lighting colors make it easy to check air quality/pollution levels from a distance.
Easy maintenance. In other words, when you need to replace filters, your LG air filter will let you know via the alarm on the display. However, you can remove all the filters at once without spilling messy dust, then use the color-code system to replace them quickly and easily.
Quiet operation. With noise levels as low as 23dB, LG’s Smart Inverter cleans the air while keeping your space peaceful and quiet. 
Kid-friendly design. In addition with the Child Lock function, you can keep your air filter safe from your children.
Keep your space clean and comfortable with air filters from LG. From sleek designs to powerful performance and circulation, discover LG air filterrs that are designed to make the air you breathe clean and fresh. To create the perfect atmosphere at home, sure to also explore LG’s state-of-the-art air conditionersvacuum cleaners and our full range of home appliances and accessories designed to make life good.