LG Puricare Service

A great product comes with a great service. With LG Puricare Service, we ensure that your water purifier is in good condition. Thus, you can enjoy a quality drink.

Introducing “Total Service Care 1.2.3”, our own water purifier service. There are 3 stages of service. First, 1 Year Replacement Care for your internal pipe. Second, 2 layers UV Sterilizing Care. And finally, 3 months of visiting care.

1 Year Replacement Care service is one of the main highlights of this service. We replace all internal water pipes inside your water purifier for free. What’s more, you will always use it like new even for a long time

Next is 2 layers of UV Sterilization Care. The UV LED on the faucet removes 99.98% of floating bacteria. As a result, you can get a very safe drink. Customers can choose whether to set it as automatic or manual.

Finally, 3 Months of Visiting Care. The LG Puricare lady visits the customer’s house every 3 months. Basically, the internal pipes to be sterilized and changed the filter periodically. Without a doubt, you can enjoy your drinks like it’s new.

In conclusion, these services are one of the best in the business. 3 stages of service help our customer to get better quality water. We ensure that all can live a healthy lifestyle.