LG Styler Smart Wardrobe

LG Styler is Made for a Healthier Life

  • Shake off Wrinkles and Odors
  • TrueSteam™ Clothing Care
  • Gentle Dry
  • ThinQ™
  • Remove Allergens and Dust Mites

RM 4999

(One time purchase)

RM 120 / Month

(Free self servicing - 5 years rental )

RM 90 / Month

(Free self servicing - 7 years rental)

Shakes Off Wrinkles & Odours as Fast as 20 Minutes

With just 20 minutes, LG Styler™ can quickly reduce odours and wrinkles of your clothes, and more to keep your fabrics like sun drying anytime.

Eliminates 99.9% Viruses, Bacteria, and Allergens

The Sanitize cycle powered by TrueSteam™ helps reduce allergens, bacteria and viruses in clothes, bedding, sportwear and even children’s soft toys.

Keep Your Precious Items Dry And Clean At All Times

Gently dry delicates like lingerie and sweaters faster than air drying with low-temperature drying system.

Smart Custom Cycles for Your Fashion Pieces

Professionally take care of your precious items that can’t be treated in traditional washers and dryers.
Download Tailor-made cycles for special fabrics*.

Smoothens Wrinkles & Get Crisp Crease in Your Pants

Keep trousers creases looking crisp while reducing general wrinkles quickly and easily.

Easily Monitor And Control Your LG Styler™ At Your Fingertips

Thanks to ThinQ™ with Wi-Fi, you can control LG Styler™ remotely and download additional cycles for different fabric types. All at your fingertips.

Well-matched Design Anywhere

Well-matched Design Anywhere


BASICTotal Place Settings3 + 1
Capacity3 hangers + 1 trouser


Control / DisplayTouch
Energy MonitoringYes
Download CourseYes
Remote ControlYes
One TouchYes


Dehumidify (120 – 240)Yes
Rain / Snow (51)Yes
Normal (90)Yes


Heavy (59)Yes
Normal (39)Yes
Light (20)Yes


Bedding (93)Yes
Heavy Duty (113)Yes
Fine Dust (53)Yes
Normal (83)Yes


Downloaded (Varies)Yes
Suits / Coats (34)Yes
Sports Wear (54)Yes
Wool / Knit (27)Yes


Baby Clothing Sterilization (84)Yes
Coat Warm up (10)Yes
Down Jacket Care (59)Yes
Dry Wool / Knitted (150)Yes
Jean Care (98)Yes
Rainy Days (120)Yes
Scarf Care (23)Yes
Static Removal (10)Yes
Trouser Wrinkle Care (64)Yes
Blanket Warm up (30)Yes
Doll Sterilization (93)Yes
Dress Shirts (112)Yes
Fur / Leather Care (30)Yes
Quiet Care (120)Yes
Refreshing stored items (34)Yes
School Uniform Care (69)Yes
Suits / Uniforms (83)Yes


Pants Hanger1EA
Pants Press Manuals1EA
Pants Press1EA
Shirts Hanger2EA


ThinQ (WI-FI)Yes
Smart Diagnosis™Yes


Noise (dB)40
Energy Consumption1850W (Refresh Normal)



10 Years


Parts & Labor

1 Year


Depth (mm)

Width (mm)445
Height (mm)1850


Styler FAQ

How much is the pricing?

The price of LG Styler in Malaysia is RM5899.
This is non-promotion pricing. You may enquiry with us for promotion pricing.

Are Installment Payment Available?

YES. Credit card zero interest monthly instalment available for Maybank, CIMB Bank, RHB Bank, Grab PayLater (4 month), Touch n Go eWallet,  and Hong Leong card holders up to 36mths with RM0 charges.

How much is the monthly rental fee ?

The monthly rental price of LG Styler in Malaysia is RM120 for 5 years self service, RM90 for 7 years self service.
This is non-promotion pricing. You may enquiry with us for promotion pricing.

Rental Package have included the free part?

Yes, we have free servicing for the outright package depend which package you choose.

How is the installation process?

We will provide the installation consultation by our Sales representative around 5- 7 working days

Any customer service provided ?

Yes, we have customer service careline for you to keep in touch in future you have any enquiries.

Any penalty if early termination of the rental contract ?

Yes, we have penalty of 100% balance of the month if you terminate within mandatory rental period.