[RENTAL] LG CordZero™ A9Komp with All-in-One Tower™ (Made in Korea, Calming Beige)

Beautiful on the Outside, Smart on the Inside

  • Axial Turbo Cyclone™ “2-in-1” vacuuming & mopping
  • Auto Empty, UVC LED
  • Washable Cyclones and Filters, 5-step Filtration
  • Dual Battery Packs
  • Kompressor™
  • 10-year motor warranty

Rental (5 Years Plan - Self Servicing)

RM 90 / Month

Empty the bin with less scattered dust and with less hassle

The bin is emptied automatically when you connect to the docking station,
saving you time and the hassle of dust scattering all over the place.

3 Step Filtration System

The filtration system captures fine dust and locks it away, keeping the system running clean.


UVC LED activates on the top layer of dust inside the bag to inhibits bacterial growth-leaving your home cleaner.

Beautiful on the Outside, Smart on the Inside

The sleek and ingenious design stores, charges, and empties the CordZero all at the same time.

Clean and Charge at the Same Time with Dual Battery Packs

The interchangeable and rechargeable batteries deliver continuous performance with a runtime of up to 120 minutes* and are easy to swap. Simply push the buttons on both sides and slip the battery in or not.
*Each battery can last for 60 minutes.

Right Storage - Combination and Crevice Tools

Left Storage - Power Driveᵀᴹ Mini

Side Storage - Open the Nozzle Hook on both sides of the All-in-One Towerᵀᴹ to hang your nozzles neatly.

Vacuum and/or Mop by modes

LG’s Power Drive Mop™ saves time by allowing you to vacuum and mop surfaces at the same time. The Power Drive Mop™ has a dual motor that spins to collect dust and dirt on hard surfaces, an automatic water supply system that maintains appropriate moisture levels on the mop pads.

Control Features with a Single Touch of Your Thumb

Easily turn your vacuum on and off or select different power levels with a single touch.

Adjust the Water Supply Depending on the Need

A 3-level water control that adjusts how much water is sprayed, depending on the need.

Powerful Suction for a More Complete Clean

The brushless Smart Inverter MotorTM spins at high speed to generate powerful suction up to 210W to lift dirt particles easily.

Durable Cleaning Technology with 10-year warranty

The Smart Inverter Motor™ is a brushless design with minimal mechanical friction during operation. This improves the durability of the motor enabling LG to offer a 10 year parts warranty on the motor.

Clean Your Floors and Capture Fine Dust Particles With the 5-Step Filtration System

The LG Inverter Linear Compressor helps maintain the appearance and taste of fresh products for longer by reducing temperature fluctuations.

Removable Filters for Easy Maintenance

Easily maintain your vacuum by removing and washing your filters. Over time, dirt builds up on the filters inside your vacuum. The metal filter, cloth pre-filter and fine dust filter can all be removed and washed in water to clean dirt away. Leave the filters to dry completely before placing them back in the vacuum.

Compress Dirt in the Bin, So You Empty Less Often

The LG KOMPRESSOR™ technology saves you time by compressing dust and hair collected in the bin. With the compaction of dust and hair (by up to 2.4 times the uncompressed capacity*) you need to clean out the bin less often. When it is time to empty, the Kompressor lever is simply pushed down with the door open to clear the contents.

Manage Your Vacuum Cleaner at Ease

"With a compatible smartphone and LG ThinQ™ app you can have product monitoring, filter cleaning guide, cleaning history management, push notification and smart diagnosis™."

Easy Cleaning

Slim Power Drive Nozzle™

The Slim Power Drive™ Nozzle effectively lifts dust, dirt, and pet hair from hard-to-reach spaces.

Power Drive™ Mop

Reduce your cleaning time by vacuuming and mopping at the same time.

Combination tool

The combination tool is a 2 in 1 accessory that can be adjusted between a soft brush or hard nozzle.

Power Drive™ Mini

Vacuum pet fur off fabric surfaces like sofas, pet furniture, and bedding.

Crevice Tool

The crevice tool is useful for cleaning awkward and hard-to-get-to areas.

Elevates Your Space



TypeCordless Stick + Handheld (2in1)
Dual PowerPackYes
Battery Status IndicatorDesk Type
Water SupplyInstant
Smart Inverter MotorYes
Convert to HandheldYes


Max Suction Power (W)210
Dust Bin Capacity (L)No
Power ModeNormal / Power / Turbo


Power Consumption (W) (Cleaning)1700
Power Consumption (A) (Charging)1.15
Power Consumption (A) (Cleaning)0.4
Empty Cycle Time (s)45


Batteries Included (Qty)2 (Dual)
Charging Time per battery (minutes)240
Max Run Time (min/battery) (Power Mode)30
Max Run Time per battery (minutes) (Normal Mode with Power Drive Nozzle)40
Max Run Time per battery (minutes) (Turbo Mode with Power Drive Nozzle)6
Battery TypeLithium-ion
Max Run Time per battery (minutes) (Normal Mode without Nozzles)7
Max Run Time per battery (minutes) (Turbo Mode without Nozzles)45
Max Run Time (min/battery) (Power Mode + Nozzle)20


Combination ToolYes
Cleaning BrushYes
Crevice ToolYes


Universal(Multi-Surface) NozzleNo
Bedding NozzleNo
Mop NozzleYes
Slim Hard Floor NozzleYes
Pet NozzleYes


Hard Dirt ToolNo
Multi-angle ToolNo
Water Tank Filler (Measuring Cup) for Mop NozzleYes
Mattress ToolNo
Mop Pads (Qty)4
Extra Exhaust FilterNo

Product Dimensions (WxHxD mm)

Product Dimensions (WxHxD mm)250 x 870 x 260
Weight (kg)2.6

Vacuum Cleaner FAQ

How much is the monthly rental fee ?

The monthly rental price of LG Cordzero (A9T-RMAX) in Malaysia is RM90 for 5 years.
This is non-promotion pricing. You may enquiry with us for promotion pricing.

Any customer service provided ?

Yes, we have customer service careline for you to keep in touch in future you have any enquiries

Does it come with warranty?

Rental package is cover warranty in within rental period

How is the installation process?

We will provide the installation consultation by our Sales representative around 5- 7 working days

Any penalty if early termination of the rental contract ?

Yes, we have penalty of 100% balance of the month if you terminate within mandatory rental period.