LG PuriCare™ S1
Tankless Slim Standing Hot, Ambience & Cold Water

Unlimited Flow

LG PuriCare™ S1 provides clean drinking water by using direct water filtration. Without the limitations of a water tank, you can rely on continuous drinking water supply even in times of high demand.

  1. Smart Inverter Compressor
  2. Large Capacity
  3. Hygienic Water Purification
  4. Various Convenient Functions

RM 5000

(Free 2 year service)

RM 120 / Month

(Free 5 year service)

When the cold-water temperature is low

Compressor movement speed will decrease

When the cold-water temperature is high

Compressor movement speed will increase

7.5ℓ Large Capacity Cold Water

Capable of dispensing 37.5 cups of water in a 200ml glass

Unlimited Flow Capable of dispensing 5 1.5ℓ water bottles

Hygienic Infinite Water Purification

Seven Trap Filter System

4-stage complex filter cleanly removes not only bacteria but also 7 types of heavy metals in the water.
Filter system that removes 7 types of heavy metals. (Mercury, Lead, Arsenic, Cardboard, Aluminium, Iron & Copper)

High Nozzle, Wide Tray

The innovative slim design and 180˚ Rotating Tap enables flexible installation in every corner. Install it horizontal or vertical? It’s your call.

Overflow Warning

A pop-up knob notifies you to empty the tray to prevent overflow of water when tray is full.

See Conditions at a Glance

You can easily monitor the filter condition via the indication lamp to ensure that your water purifier is always in tip-top condition.

1-Year Replacement Care

A pop-up knob notifies you to empty the tray to prevent overflow of water when tray is full.

Maintenance Every Three Months

Enjoy complimentary service visits every three months by licensed LG professionals for product sanitation and/or filter change.


S1 (WS510SN)
32.0 kg
Maintenance Alert
Filter Change Alert
Water Supply
Continuous Flow
Filter Steps
UF Filtration System
1st – Sediment Filter
2nd – Pre-Carbon Block Plus
3rd – UF Membrane Filtration
4th – Post Carbon Block Filtration
Filter & Replacement Period

Sediment Filter

Every 6 Months

Pre-Carbon Block Filter Plus

Every 12 Months

UF Membrane Filter

Every 12 Months

Post Carbon Block Filter

Every 18 Months
Maintenance Period

Every 3 Months


Every 3 Months

  • Total Service Care
    – 1 Year Replacement Care (Replacement of Internal Water Pipes)
    – 3 Month Visiting Care (Filter Change & Digital Sterilising Care
  • Filter Replacement
  • External & Internal Cleaning
CareShip Charges

1 Year


2 Years


3 Years

Inverter Compressor

10 Years Warranty

Power Saving Feature

Inverter compressor




Water Purifier FAQ

How much is the pricing?

The price of LG PuriCare™ Atom-R S1 in Malaysia is RM5000 Both included 2 year Careship plan.
This is non-promotion pricing. You may enquiry with us for promotion pricing.

Are Installment Payment Available?

YES. Credit card zero interest monthly instalment available for Maybank, CIMB Bank, RHB Bank, Hong Leong card holders up to 36mths, Grab PayLater (4 month) and Touch n Go eWallet with RM0 charges.

How much is the monthly rental fee ?

The monthly rental price of LG PuriCare™ S1 in Malaysia is RM120. Minimum contract 3 years, maximum is 5 years with included careship package up to 5 years.
This is non-promotion pricing. You may enquiry with us for promotion pricing.

Outright Package have included the free servicing?

Yes, we have free servicing for the outright package depend which package you choose.

How is the installation process?

We will provide the installation consultation by our Sales representative around 5- 7 working days

What is the after sales service / careship package provided ?

Our Careship package is every 3 months, total 4 times per year.
Care servicing every 3 months
Filter change every 6 months
Internal Piping replacement every year

Any customer service provided ?

Yes, we have customer service careline for you to keep in touch in future you have any enquiries.

Any penalty if early termination of the rental contract ?

Yes, we have penalty of 100% balance of the month if you terminate within mandatory rental period.