LG PuriCare™ Self-Service Tankless Water Purifier with 4-Stage Filtration Hot/ Ambient., White

Just twist and pull to quickly replace the filter

Just twist and pull to replace the filter with a fresh one.

  • Auto sterilization
  • Hygiene: Tankless, 4-Stage All-Puri Filter System
  • Convenience: LG ThinQ™, Voice Guidance
  • Design: 17cm Super Slim Design

RM 2800

(Free filter for 2 years)

RM 3600

(Free service for 2 years)

RM 80 / Month

(5 year Self Service)

RM 50 / Month

(7 year Self Service)

RM 100 / Month

(5 year Regular Service)

RM 70 / Month

(7 year Regular Service)

Easy Filter Replacement

Just twist and pull to quickly replace the filter

A new filter is shipped to your doorstep every six months

The first to market with a subscription service that ships a new filter to your home every six months.

Automatic high-temperature sterilization of water pipes and outlet

High-temperature automatic sterilization without the high costs of a service call. You can clean the internal stainless-steel pipes and outlet, removing 99.99% of germs with just the touch of a button.

UV sterilization for pure water to the last drop

The inside of the water outlet stays fresh with automatic UV sterilization once every hour, or whenever you want.

Get fresh flowing water that never sits in a tank

With the tankless system you don’t have to worry about microorganism growth, and your water will be fresh whether it’s hot, cold, or room temperature.

Removes 9 heavy metals & 99.99% of norovirus.

Enhances the taste of water by removing nine harmful heavy metals and bacteria with multi-stage filtration.

A smart voice that guide you step by step.

The voice guidance will inform you when it's time to replace the filter.

Peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

Directly check the status of the water purifier in real-time, from anywhere, using your smartphone.

Make better drinks with temperature presets

Three preset temperature controls make your drinks delicious and convenient

Convenient one-touch volume presets

With presets of 120ml, 250ml, 500ml, & 1000ml, conveniently dispense precise water volumes.

Up & Down Auto Moving Tap

Super Slim Design

180˚ Rotating Tap

Access to clean drinking water is never this easy with rotatable tap in 180˚

Water purifier management that adjusts to your lifestyle

Save money with easy, convenient Self-Service thanks to intuitive maintenance functions you can use in between LG expert visits.

TIP. How to perform Self-Service?

high-temperature sterilization

Press the internal sterilization and outlet sterilization buttons on the top of the product for more than 3 seconds.

Easy Filter Replacement

Simply replace the filter conveniently delivered on schedule.


Dimension (W x H x D), mm – with Tray170 x 419 x 550
Dimension (W x H x D), mm – Without Tray – 170 x 419 x 410
Water SupplyAmbient – Instant 
Hot – Instant 
Type – UF (Ultra Filtration)4-STAGE ALL PURI FILTER SYSTEM
· 1st – Remove 9 types of heavy metals
· 2nd – Removal of various germs and fine particles
· 3rd – Remove Norovirus (99.99%)
· 4th – Removal of harmful contaminants
MaintenanceService TypeSelf-Service / Regular Visit
HygieneTotal Self-Service
· Auto Sterilization (Internal Sterilize, Outlet Sterilize)
· Easy Filter Replacement
· Filter Subscription
UV-LED Sterilization
Stainless Steel Water Pipe

Hot Water Control – 40℃, 75℃, 85℃

Others – Efficient Energy Saving
4 Directions Moving Tap
· Up & Down Auto Moving Tap (Auto Cup Sensing)
· Left & Right Moving Tap
Child Safety Lock Function
17cm Slim Design
Flexible Installation (Horizontal / Vertical)
Filter Change Alert
Voice Guidance
LG ThinQ™

Volume Control – 120ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml
CompressorSmart Inverter Compressor (10 Years Warranty) 

Water Purifier FAQ

How much is the pricing?

The price of LG PuriCare™ Tankless Water Purifier (WD216AN) in Malaysia is RM2800 for self service and RM3600 for regular service.
This is non-promotion pricing. You may enquiry with us for promotion pricing.

Are Installment Payment Available?

YES. Credit card zero interest monthly instalment available for Maybank, CIMB Bank, RHB Bank, Grab PayLater (4 month), Touch n Go eWallet,  and Hong Leong card holders up to 36mths with RM0 charges.

How much is the monthly rental fee ?

The monthly rental price of LG PuriCare™ Tankless Water Purifier (WD216AN) in Malaysia is RM80 for 5 years self service, RM50 for 7 years self service, RM100 for 5 years regular service,RM70 for 7 years regular service.
This is non-promotion pricing. You may enquiry with us for promotion pricing.

Outright Package have included the free servicing?

Yes, we have free servicing for the outright package depend which package you choose.

How is the installation process?

We will provide the installation consultation by our Sales representative around 5- 7 working days

What is the after sales service / careship package provided ?

Our Careship package is every 3 months, total 4 times per year.
Care servicing every 3 months
Filter change every 6 months
Internal Piping replacement every year

Any customer service provided ?

Yes, we have customer service careline for you to keep in touch in future you have any enquiries.

Any penalty if early termination of the rental contract ?

Yes, we have penalty of 100% balance of the month if you terminate within mandatory rental period.